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Boatys Waterpong

Ready, set, splash at Boaty's Waterpong Showdown every Thursday night! Gather your friends, sharpen your aim, and dive into the competition for a chance to win a $200 prize in the heart of Airlie Beach.

Whether you're a local pro or a backpacking enthusiast, this event is tailored for those aged 18 to 40 looking for a night of spirited competition and epic fun. Boaty's is the ultimate destination to test your skills, meet new people, and enjoy a lively evening.

Live Music & Retro Vibes: Kick off the night with live music from 7 PM, featuring your favorite throwback hits from the 90s and 00s. Sing along, dance, and get into the competitive spirit with some nostalgic tunes.

Enter the Arena: The waterpong tables await your best shots starting at 8 PM. Form a team or join one on arrival and battle through the ranks for the grand prize of $200. It's all about precision, fun, and a touch of strategy.

Drinks & Cheers: Fuel your throws and celebrate your wins with Boaty's exclusive drink deals throughout the night. Enjoy the vibes, the views, and the brews as you make your way to waterpong glory.

Don't miss out on Boaty's Waterpong Showdown every Thursday night. No registration needed—just show up ready to play and party. Whether you're aiming for the top prize or just there for the laughs, it's sure to be a splash-tastic evening!

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