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Water Pong Registration

Registration Closes at 1pm

Sunday 19th February 2023

Entry payments to be made in venue prior to the event start time.

Thanks for signing up. Don't forget to pay the Entry fee before the Tournament starts.


1. Each team that enters the competition needs to be made up of two (2) players.

2. Each side of the pong table will have six (6) cups setup in a triangle with water inside of them.

3. Each team will be made aware of the basic rules of the pong tournament prior to their first match.

4. Prior to the start of each match, one (1) player from each team will compete in a paper, scissors, rock competition to determine which team will take the first shot.

5. Both players from the winning team of paper, scissors, rock will then each take a shot at the opponents cups.

6. One (1) cup will be removed off of the table if a ball is sunk in the cup after being thrown on the full.

7. Two (2) cups will be removed off of the table if a ball is sunk by the ball bouncing before entering the opponents cup. If a ball is bounced on the table. The opposition is able to "swat" the ball away.

8. Cups will be re-racked after a cup has been removed off of the table. This will be managed by the table umpire.

9. Once a team has no more cups left they will be eliminated from the competition.

10. Players are to avoid their elbows from going over their boundary of the table whilst they are taking  a shot. This will be managed by the table umpire during the competition

11. Players are not to interfere with the ball whilst it is being shot. eg. No fingering of cups. No blowing of cups or similar. Opponents are only able to touch the ball whilst it is in motion if it has touched the table first.

12. There are no ball backs, if the ball rolls back to the attacking side after their shot. They must hand the ball over to the defending team.

13. The competition will be run in a tournament bracket

14. If contestants win, they will keep playing until they are knocked out of the competition

15. The winning team of the competition will be determined when there are no other competitors left "alive in the competition"

16. The Prize for the winning team is $500 cash.

17. The umpires decision is final.

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